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Book Review 7

 Title: Girl Power: young Women Speak Out!: personal Writings from Teenage Girls
Author/Editor: Hillary Carlip
Summary: "Sometimes the only thing that will listen to you is paper." A book collecting writings from and examining the positive and negative aspects of girls in different cliques and groups across the United States.

So, what to say about Girl Power. I picked it up when the library had a display in the cafeteria during love your body week, and tried it out at first. At first, it was going to be one of those books I did not finish, because at first I really did not like Hillary Carlip's style of writing, collaboration and collection. But I am increadibly glad I stuck with this book.

I consider myself something of a budding femenist (and a personist, if you really want to take it that far), and so to read something like this was a really interesting perspective into the lives of girls all across the USA (or, at least, how it was fifteen years ago, because the book was first printed in 1995...I'm not sure if that makes me feel really young or really old. But yeah, some of it was a little dated, but most of it still rang very true). But as I said, I thought the book was going to be just a collection of writings from girls of different groups, and I am incredibly glad I was wrong about that. Because even though it annoyed me at first how much presence Carlip had (in her own book no less! LE GASP), as I read on, her voice began to add more and more to the way different young women lead their lives.

It also made me increadibly admire Carlip (do you mind if I call you Hillary? I'm gonna call you Hillary) Hillary, for all the time she spent corresponding and even hanging out with some of these girls and getting to know not only them but many different parts and aspects of their subcultures. Not only that, but she picked out both the good and bad parts of each of the groups. It was just inciteful and beautiful to read about some of the lives of these girls.

Overall: Empowering and Inciteful
But (please, please, please) see for yourself: Girl Power by Hillary Carlip

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