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Power Rangers Fanfiction part 3

 So, I have to explain something before anyone sees the music selection for this part of the story. I mentioned in a journal earlier this week, that my friend J and I went to go visit her friend L up at her college. While we were there, friend L introduced us to a couple of things (including an interesting St. Mary's tradition called ponding), and we watched A Goofy Movie (which is a tradition between friends J and L), and somewhere in there, friend L showed us an interesting video by the Lonely Islands ft. Akon, called "I Just Had Sex." It's a very amusing song. And considering that this story is about Dillon loosing his virginity I figured it was appropriate to listen to while writing. So yeah. Here it is, a story about sex, where eventually this song will be featured. I highly recommend it. 

“Well then, you’ve been on dates with her, what does Summer like to do. Or take a chance and do something together that you’ve never done before, and just go to have fun. Take her…bowling, or something,” Ziggy suggested.

“Bowling?” Dillon asked, feeling his face quirk into an unusual expression, something like raising one of his eyebrows and trying not to smile at the same time. “Why on earth would I take her bowling? I don’t know how to bowl.”

“Well, it helped me score before. Anyway, aside from driving, what have you discovered that you like doing and that you think Summer might like doing too?” Ziggy asked, scooting just a little off of the bed.

“I don’t know…that weird play thing you took us to once was kind of okay, and she seemed to like it.” Ziggy blinked in rapid succession.

“You liked the Vagina Monologues?” he asked.

“Well, it was kind of funny, and there were all these girls throwing around the word cunt. So sue me, you’re the one that took us.” Dillon threw his hands up and began to pace in front of Ziggy’s bed.

“Calm down, I was just teasing,” Ziggy replied. “I like the cunt monologue too. Anyway, I have a couple friends in the local theatre so I know there’s a show coming out that I think both of you would like to go to if you’re interested.” Dillon stopped pacing and looked Ziggy dead in the eye.

“Are you putting me on a time line now? To seduce Summer into helping me lose my virginity?” Dillon froze, before he sank into the chair, unable to believe he had actually just uttered that phrase.

“Well, not really. I was just thinking you could take her out. Build up a common love of plays. It was something for you two to do as a couple,” Ziggy rambled. “But if you want to like set up a day and time, I’m sure we can work something out.” Dillon shook his hands out in front of him, trying not to reach just a little further and strangle his best friend.

“No, I don’t want to set a date and time, I just want to…”

“You wanna have sex, but you want to do right by the woman you love,” Ziggy filled in, with a shrug. “I get it. All right, buddy, if you want to continue this conversation later, I understand.”

“I don’t think I want to continue this conversation ever,” Dillon said, running his hands over his face. “But I just…you are never allowed to repeat this ever, but I feel like I am so inexperienced. I mean, no offence buddy, but you are more experienced in this than me, and that just seems a little weird considering….”

“You are a sexy stud muffin with an actual woman interested in him, and I’m a clumsy ex-con who is not so sexy?” Ziggy filled in. “Well, buddy, you’d be kind of surprised there. But anyway—”

“Anyway? You think I’m a sexy stud muffin?” Dillon asked.

“Well, I was using Summer’s words there,” Ziggy retorted. “But, yes, you are rather attractive in my gender non-discriminative eyes.”

“Gender…what?” Dillon asked.

“I’m bi, Dillon, but that’s a little beside the point. You are my best friend, so it’s not like I’m checking you out all the time. That honor goes to Scott. But anyway—”

“Too much, Ziggy!” Dillon exclaimed, throwing his hands out in front of him.

“All right, well, we will go back to talking about you and Summer,” Ziggy said slowly, reached out to pat Dillon on the back. “So, do you wanna set some kind of date, or try to play it by ear?”

“Well, if I try and plan it, Venjix will probably attack and ruin any plans I made, but knowing our luck it would happen if I tried to do something spur of the moment,” Dillon said.

“You could try making tentative plans, I mean, try doing going somewhere you don’t need a reservation to eat, but one that won’t get too crowded. And you could do a play on a night that it won’t really sell out,” Ziggy suggested. “Any you know, we could just beat Venjix up really fast. And the other guys would help us I mean—”

“No.” Ziggy blinked as he watched Dillon’s face suddenly harden.

“What do you mean, ‘no?’”

“I mean, I don’t want the other guys knowing about this. I mean, it’s bad enough that the others know that I’m technically a virgin…what would happen if they mentioned to one of the girls that I am planning out having sex with Summer?”

“Dude, bro, Dillon,” Ziggy said. “Listen. There’s this code guys follow when one of us is trying to get laid. They won’t let it slip to the other girls. Well, maybe Gem would, but we could leave him out of it really, or just make it really clear that he’s not supposed to tell him and then I think he would be fine.” This comment left Dillon the one blinking that Ziggy could be so assured that their fellow rangers wouldn’t say a thing to Summer or Dr. K or Gemma.

“Are you sure?” Dillon asked. “I mean, I may be an amnesiac cyborg and everything who doesn’t know about these things, but you know how Scott and I get sometimes.”

“This is totally not pranking material,” Ziggy explained, waving his hands around a little bit. “Scott wouldn’t tell, and if he tried, I’d blackmail him or something.” Dillon raised an eyebrow, but decided not to ask Ziggy what blackmail material Ziggy had on the red ranger.

“I just, I don’t know about all of this. I mean it seems so weird. I just…need time to think, I think.” Ziggy shrugged again.

“Well, go for it buddy. And when you are ready to talk, whether it be pre or post sexy times, I will be here waiting as your best friend, to non-judgmentally listen.” Dillon stood up, shaking his head as he went, and swung the chair to lean up against the wall.

“Thanks for, you know, the talk and everything,” Dillon said with a little bit of a shrug.

“No problem, buddy,” Ziggy said, standing and patting his friend on the shoulder. “And if you need to talk some more, I have very non-judgmental ears.” Dillon snorted.

“Yeah, okay.” Dillon saw Ziggy reach for his pallet as he jogged back up the wooden steps, hearing them creak under his weight. He peaked around the corner as he opened the basement door, only to hear some say,

“Dillon, what are you doing?” He turned very slowly to Summer, and formed his face into a large smile. She was standing in the kitchen, the fridge door open and a bottle of water in her hand.

“Just talking to Ziggy,” he said, stepping up into the main Garage and closing Ziggy’s door behind him. “When did you guys get back?”

“Oh, just a little while ago,” she said, closing the fridge door and leaning back against the counter. “Gemma went off with Gem and Dr. K has disappeared into her lab since. But what were you and Ziggy talking about?”

“Oh just guy stuff,” he said. “And well, Ziggy was rambling, you know like he does.” Summer laughed softly.

“Yeah, I know. But it has almost gotten to the point where it’s interesting to listen to him ramble. So nothing of substance then?” Dillon felt his heart stop in his chest, and the words boiled up before he could stop them.

“Well, he mentioned that the theatre down town was going to be showing a new play soon,” he said. “He didn’t say what it was about, but he thought we both might like it.”

“Really?” Summer said, leaning forward just slightly.

“Yeah, I was thinking maybe we could go, and then get dinner,” Dillon added, feeling like his words were coming out in a rush and a jumble.

“Okay, cool. Ziggy and I are on dinner duty tonight, so I’ll ask him about the play and when it’s playing and if it’s actually worth seeing, because it’s the weirdest thing, but Ziggy likes a lot of theatre productions, you know? I never thought, well, someone like him would be so interested in something like that. Or at least I didn’t when I first met him.”

“You didn’t what when you first met who?” Ziggy asked as he stepped out of the basement, leaving his door open. He walked over to the sink and began filling up a glass pitcher in his hands with water.

“I wouldn’t have pegged you as a theatre geek when we first met. Hey, what’s the deal about this play you mentioned to Dillon?” Ziggy stopped and stared so long and the pitcher over flowed with water, bringing him back to the present.

“Oh!” he exclaimed, turning off the tap. From behind Summer, Dillon began making gestures across his throat. “Oh, it’s just something that seemed like you guys would both like it. I can’t remember exactly what it’s about, but I still have the flyer. It’s premiering next week. Why are you guys thinking about going?”

“Yeah, Dillon thought it might be fun. When do you think we should go?” Summer asked. “I mean, you know a ton of people there, right?”

“Oh, yeah. Um, they usually say Thursday is their slowest day, so that might be the best for a date night.” Ziggy began tracing the lip of the pitcher, and glancing back at Dillon, for any hint or signal that he was messing something up. Summer frowned at him, when she realized what he was doing and looked between the two of them.

“Is something wrong, you guys?” Summer asked.

“No!” both of them exclaimed at the same time.

“It’s just, you know I ramble sometimes, and Dillon usually cuts me off before I say something stupid, like an anecdote about monkeys or something,” Ziggy explained. Summer’s brows furrowed.

“Are there monkeys in this play?” she asked.

“No! No, I just was using that as an example.”

“Oh good, I hate monkeys,” she said. “So, yeah, you still have the flyer?”

“Oh, yeah, I’ll bring up later when we make dinner,” Ziggy said. “But uh, I have a painting that I want to get back to, so, we’ll talk about it later?”

“Sure,” Summer chirped. Ziggy jogged back down to the basement and was to the stairs, when Summer called, “Oh, hey Ziggy, your pitcher!”

“Oh, yeah, thanks, Summer, my brain is just, you know, everywhere,” Ziggy said, jogging back, and grabbing the pitcher and jogging back to the basement, almost slamming the door behind him.

“Wow, what’s up with him?” Summer asked.

“Who knows,” Dillon said. “I mean he’s Ziggy. He does weird things all the time.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” she said with a shrug. “So, dinner and a play in like two weeks?” she asked.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” he said. “So you just wanna talk about it more later, or do you want me to surprise you with like dinner?”

“Hmm, that’s kind of dangerous there, buddy,” Summer said grinning. “All right, surprise me, and I will try not to hold it against you. But I have to go check on my laundry; I had to wash my new clothes.” She took her bottle of water and went into the laundry room, and Dillon resisted the urge to bang his head against the counter.

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