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June, otter


Write the Thing

I need to write more...

Book Review 5
June, otter
 Title: The History of Women's Underwear
Authors: Muriel Barbier & Shazia Boucher
Summary: The history of women's underwear in western, european culture, discussing the types, formation, colors, ecomics, spread and modern day repercussions of developement. Mostly from a French perspective

I'm not sure if...Collapse )

But Overall it was: A Good Read
But See for yourself: The History of Women's Underwear by Muriel Barbier & Shazia Boucher
(Both the Male and Female Volumes, sorry)

Now Reading: Trickster edited by Matt Dembicki
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June, otter
 So I guess this is what she meant by shitty first drafts. There's so much about this I don't like: for instance, there are a lot of pronouns in this. Sorry. 

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3/16/11 WC: 2248
Piece Count: Same
Project Count: 39082
Just Started:  Trickster by Matt Dembecki