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June, otter


Write the Thing

I need to write more...

Book Review 6
June, otter
 Title: Trickster
Editor: Matt Dembicki
Summary: A compilation of sequential art stories about Native American Tricksters
Review Time!Collapse )
But See For Yourself: Trickster complied by Matt Dembicki

Now Reading: Girl Power Edited by Hillary Carlip
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Journal and When Needed part 6
June, otter
 So, I thought I'd talk about me a little bit (because I don't think I do that enough on this journal, do you?) before I give you a piece of story for today. It's partly because I'm tired (though not quite as tired as I was during the rant I did early this week), but also because this is a good stopping place for now, and I have to get those two thousand words some how.