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June, otter


Write the Thing

I need to write more...

Journal and Explanation
June, otter
Sickness and Financial WoesCollapse )

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3/23/11 WC: same (for now...)
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Still Reading: Girl Power by Hillary Carlip

RPM fanfiction
June, otter
Yes, what it says on the tin, my attempt at another RPM fic. Hope you enjoy

How To Loose Your Virginity With Dillon part 1Collapse )

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3/23/11 WC: 4005
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Still Reading: Girl Power by Hillary Carlip 

Church Part 2
June, otter
 But I remember a few things about church that didn’t happen at Rocky Mountain Calvary (which means skull by the way, it’s the same as Golgotha, the hill that Jesus got crucified on, so just in case you didn’t think church was cool).

I remember that there was this one church during one of the summers we spent in Oklahoma where Grandma took us to the church she was going to. She was on crutches, because I think she had broken some part of her foot, and everyone had to ask what was happening as we walked in the door. And they let us, me and my brother I think, Alizza liked to go to adult church with mom. But not for long. After they did the children’s lesson they made us go into the main sanctuary for worship.

And it was loud. It was big, and very impressive in an older church kind of way, but it was loud. Daniel covered his ears and I think I was not that far behind (I think this and a few other experiences may have impacted Daniel. He still does not like going into loud sanctuaries). Mom was probably embarrassed by us. Things like that happened more times than I think I can remember.

Then there was a time we went driving in an Oklahoma city (Lord help me if I can remember which one we were in. It might have been Oklahoma City, as in the capital of Oklahoma, but I don’t know). And I think we went to go and get dinner, but there was this one street where there were all these churches. Seriously, every which way we looked there was a church as every other building on each side of the street. I think we started counting them at one point, but I have no idea how many of them there actually were. I’m not sure if Mom or Alizza could remember either (Daniel was probably too young at the time to even try and remember).

But when we got back to my grandma’s house my uncle Tiny was getting ready to leave.

“Where are you going?” someone asked.

“Church,” he replied.

“Which one?” Mom asked before kind of rasping out a laugh.