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June, otter


Write the Thing

I need to write more...

June, otter
 A poem that poured out my brain when my creative writing professor was reading to us earlier today. 

A Short Poem of When I Was Younger

When I was in forth
grade I stood up in front
of the class and explained a story
trapped inside my head--it's still
stuck there, not ready to come
out of me.

Would I teach them games--
there was a card game called
speed I had learned at my
last school that everyone liked--
but no one liked me.

There was a book series that I told
my techer about, and she read
it aloud to the class
(which was unusual because it
was a fantasy series) and there
were computer games for it, and
everyone would play it, once they
saw me. But once someone tackled
me when we were playing tag.
I would read during recess after that.

RPM One shot
June, otter
Tired Eyes Waiting to CloseCollapse )

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3/31/11 WC: 2152
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