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June, otter


Write the Thing

I need to write more...

June, otter
 I'm kind of excited for tonight because it's cotillian and it's my first really formal dance in a while. After I write this, I'm going to go and take a shower, and then my friend is going to do my hair (possibly with some flowers, if she has any left over), and then we'll be all pretty and we'll go on a bus to a pretty outdoor place and then we'll just dance the night away.

This has also been a really busy week, and will continue to be a busy week end. I mean aside from all of the homework I have (from classes and some self assigned), I also have parties I have been invited to tomorrow (finger painting and pizza!) then I have an orchestra concert on Sunday and there are other events going on to. It feels like I'm not going to have a second to breathe between now and the end of the year. And I've been thinking about scholarships again, which is usually no fun, but I've been trying to keep a positive attitude, and I'm also trying to find a job back in the springs, but my mom kind of helped me a little with that today. SO! Tomorrow is super important to be productive for, and maybe do a little finger painting and such.

But if I can finish everything on my to do list for this weekend, that would be so fantastic, I don't think I could breath. Well, I'm probably not going to with all I have to do. But tonight I think I just want to think about going to a dance and being with all of my friends, and maybe getting a cute guy to ask me to dance.

So, what to talk about? Still have so many words left and I don't know what to say. Ah ha, how about this! Earlier this week was really really slow for some reason. I'm not sure why, but I had almost no homework all week earlier this week, but it really picked up over the weekend. I was actually kind of worried, because I had a feeling I was really kind of going to get slammed this weekend with work, and so I tried to keep busy and do stuff, but it just was not working for me. Still I'm glad I had some idea of what was going to happen this weeked.

I also tried to do some work when I went into work today, because I was really the only one in the office, which was both a good and bad thing, because I was stuck doing all the work, but there wasn't that much to do, because my boss was gone, so she couldn't assign me more. But some how, I did not manage to get all of my entering done. I think part of it was that one of the bosses was there until almost one and then at one I had to leave to go to an advising session and was out of the office for almost half an hour, and then I did have to start my entering over. I still managed to get a big chunk of it done, but it still amazes me that I didn't finish, because I can usually get all of that done in a snap.

Oh! Another cool thing to talk about. My friends and I started a competition for over the summer, where we'll all list five books and then give a little summary, and then whoever reads the most books, out of the ones they have not read, will get a prize. It's hugs and kisses right now, but we have a lot of participants, so we're thinking if everyone pitches in two dollars, we can get someone a nice gift card to amazon or barnes and Noble. So yeah, that's me right now. BYE!

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June, otter
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