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June, otter


Write the Thing

I need to write more...

Book Review 18, 19, 20, 21 & 22
June, otter
Title: Bloodhound
By: Tamora Pierce
Summary: Beka Cooper's adventure continues, but this time she's off alone with Goodwin in a strange city trying to stop colemongering (counterfeiting) before it spreads all over the kingdom. And she has a dog now.
Review 18Collapse )

Title: Maskerade
By: Terry Pratchett
Summary: Something strange is going on in the Ankh-Morpork Opera House, and when Agatha Nitt gets involved, Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax follow to help out (and maybe to recruit her into being a witch).
Review 19Collapse )
Title: How I Paid for College: a Novel of Sex, Theft, Friendship & Musical Theater
By: Marc Acito
Review 20Collapse )

Title: Garden Spells
By: Sarah Addison Allen
Summary: The story of two sisters who try to make right with themselves, their identities and the world all around them.
Review 21Collapse )
Title: The Battle of the Labyrinth
Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
By: Rick Riordan
Summary: Percy and his friends must descend deep into the Labyrith to find Dedalus in hopes of keeping him on their side in the coming war.
Review 22Collapse )But, see for yourself:
How I Paid for College
Garden Spells
The Battle of the Labyrinth

Girl Harry
June, otter
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