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June, otter


Write the Thing

I need to write more...

OMAKE 4: part 1
June, otter
 OMAKE 4: It's (Not) My Party

One day at Mt. Justice, Conner asked,

"Oh yeah, my school is having a 'Hey Summer's Almost Over Party.' You guys want to come?"

It was on a day when the mentors were around to do some cross training, and before any of the Young Justice team could speak,

"Absolutely not," was what most of them said. Wonder Woman just kind of looked at him.

"The entire school is throwing the party?" she asked.

"Yeah," Conner said. "If you pay the optional student fee then you get an automatic ticket plus one. I've been saving up some money from allowence and gigs I've been playing, so I could get everyone else in too."

"I could pay for my own," Robin said.

"I can too. Oliver showers me with enough cash," Artemis replied.

"Young lady, I forbid you..." he short of fumed after that, apparently not feeling the need to finish his sentence.

"Look, we're clean kids," Conner said. "Our idea of a good time between the dancing is comparing Monet to Rosseau or what value modern music artists in academy, or if we really need the label of juvenal fiction. We're geeks, it's one of the reasons we go to that school. Besides we like our reputations for being able to party with out getting sloshed."

"I hate to break this to you kid, but the geeks are the worst party animals ever, especially when you put them in large groups," Oliver retorted.

"Unfortunately, I must agree with Green Arrow," said Batman.

"Well, hey they are speaking from experience," Robin snickered. "Come on, we would be taking Kaldur after all, he's the most responsible out of all of us. AND have you ever known us to be really irresponsible or what ever. Batman, you've lectured me like a millon times on the dangers of alcohal and stuff. Plus, I'm sure we could get back by a reasonable time. And all work and no play will eventually turn us into super villains."

"Yeah, c'mon Uncle Barry!" Wally begged. "We'll be good!"

"I still don't know," Barry said, voicing the tone of the group.

"We'll take Roy," Conner volunteered.

"Oh yeah!" Wally exclaimed. "Roy would make sure we didn't have any fun!"

"No fun, zero fun, sirs!" Robin added. The mentors looked at each other, gauging the other's reactions to an extra chaperon.

"Why am I here?" Roy asked.

"We needed you as our in," Conner said. "I wouldn't have been able to get everyone into the party otherwise. Plus, I'm fairly sure not everyone can fit into my car." Roy took one look at Conner's jeep and snorted.

"Yeah I doubt it. Fine. Is there going to be booze at this party?"

"No," Conner replied.

"You were not lying when speaking to our mentors?" Kaldur asked.

"Well, I might have exagerated the between dance talk a little," Conner said. "But yeah, I wasn't lying about the booze. Or any other drugs for that matter. Anyone found with anything is kicked out, and usually driven home by one of the chaperons."

"And there are chaperons?" Wally asked. "Dude, what kind of party are you taking us to." Conner grinned.

"You'll see. Artemis, M'gann why don't you ride with me."

"Okay!" M'gann chirped.

"Shot gun!" Artemis declared. "Conner give me your iPod, I'm de-jaying the next half-hour ride." M'gann happily took the back seat, chatting as Artemis cranked the tunes.

What they arrived at a half hour later looked like, and probably was something combined with an abadoned factory and an old stadium way out side of the city. The parking lot was packed though, which told them that they were probably in the right place.

"Conner, where are we?" Robin asked.

"Don't worry, it's completely safe," Conner said as they walked up to the doors.

"It looks like the roof caved it," Roy commented.

"Don't be silly," Conner told him with a wave. "They demolished the roof. And put in glass plates so that we could still see the stars when it rains. I'm told that when there's a wicked lightning storm in the forecast, some people actually rush over here to watch it like fire works. Hi!" They had arrived at a box office sort of thing inside the entry way. "Prince plus one and then five extra tickets please."

"Sure thing," replied the girl, working the booth. She printed seven tickets and exchanged them with Conner for cash. "Hand'em to the takers inside and them you'll get lanyards if you need to leave for whatever reason. Keep them on, and remember your number."

In side with the ticket takers (who were set up at computerized stations, and printing lanyards for the people who came in), everyone had to give information at different stations--even Roy and Kaldur who were eighteen--in case their parents or legal gaurdians came looking for them, since only official chaperons were allowed inside.

"This party had better be something," Artemis growled to Conner, who shrugged.

"Oh it is," said one of the ticket takers. "Don't you worry, it totally is."

And by jove they were right.

Most everything inside the actual party center was lit with colored light, mostly in the cooler shades. There were arcade games scattered about, what looked to be a full bar--serving non-alcoholic drinks of course-- random tables of food, an entire upper floor that looked down on the lower floor, a lower floor that looked up on the upper floor, couches, bean bags and any kind of chair imaginable, and the walls were painted with huge murals, over laping each other, almost no space was left blank. Oh, and there was a huge dance floor with pretty danceable music.

"Hey, let's clear the entry way," Conner said, pulling them all further in while simulatneously texting.

"Who are you talking to?" Robin asked.

"Eureka," Conner replied. "She asked me to let her know when I got here."

"Gee, and I thought you were gay!" Roy called back.

"Ha, ha, Kaldur, please control him," Conner retorted.

"Conner!" The team turned to see a brown haired girl bounding toward them. She launched herself at Conner, giving him a bear hug. "I'm so glad Diana let you come, seeing as this is the only one you'll probably be able to go to. Oh, and guess what? I brought the Bellwood gang, and I think I've seen Xander Xanatos and his posse crawling around the place."

"Guys, this is Eureka Jones," Conner said with a smile. "Eureka, this is Megan, Artemis, Robin, Wally, Kaldur'ahm and Roy."

"Hi nice to meet you guys." She turned and whistled at a small group of people who saw them and made their way over. "This is Kevin, Ben, Gwen and Cooper. Guys--"

"They have nametags, Jones, we can figure it out," said the one called Kevin. He reached out to ruffle her hair, but Eureka dodged, presumably not to mess up her neatly arranged style.

"Lay off," she told him. "You'll get product on your hands anyway. Anyway, you guys make yourselves at home. As long as you don't act too werid no one will question your being here."

"Did you say that Alexander Xanatos is here?" Roy asked.

"Yeah, but I wouldn't go getting suspicious," Eureka said. "He's a good guy, and even loaned us some of the systems to check people in. He also recommended a really good DJ. So you know, none of that kind of business tonight. Xander fights on the side of good and everything."

"She knows who we are?" Roy hissed.

"Well, if she didn't now she does," Ben replied. "Don't worry, Eureka figures a lot of people out. She knew who I was, before it got spread all of over the news."

"Ohmigosh!" Megan exclaimed. "I knew it! You're Ben 10!"

"And you're Miss Martian, right?" Ben asked. "Wanna dance?"

"Sure!" she replied, almost floating with him onto the dance floor.

Everyone floats--figuratively--onto the dance floor eventually, going back and forth to enjoy the food and take a rest. During one point of rest, a red haired boy walks up to the group, more specifically to Roy, Wally and Gwen.

"Excuse me, but have the three of you thought of joining gawah?"

"Of joining what?" Gwen asks. He hands the three of them a flyer which spells out G.U.A.W. at the top.

"Gingers Unite Around the World," he said. "We're still a work in progress, but if you go online, you can decide if you want to join or not."

"So it's a club for red heads?" Wally asks.

"Yep...You all are geniune aren't you?" He shakes his head. "Never mind, we don't like ask you to drop your pants to prove it or anything. Anyway, hope you'll consider joining. Some of my friends are thinking of setting up rival groups, so I'm trying to increase membership."

"Do you have another?" Wally asks. "I think one of my friends will be so on top of this." The boy hands him another flyer which Wally stuffs down into his jeans, before he dashs off to go find M'gann, who is still dancing with Ben.

They're just standing around, when Conner groans.

"Eureka, we're being summoned," he said.

"Already?" she moaned. "I was kind of hoping they would forget."

"What do you guys have to do?" Cooper asked.

"You'll see," his girl friend muttered, as she stalked off with Conner. A minute later the DJ ordered for the dance floor to be cleared, and Adam Lambert's fever blares through the speakers, while a group--including Eureka and Conner--break into a combined dance.

"I had no idea we had a professional dance team at this school," Artemis jokes. "Wally are you--"

"Way ahead of you," Wally says holding up his camera to get a better shot.

"Have you guys seen Roy and Kaldur in a while?" M'gann asked. Everyone shrugged or shook his or her head. "I just don't mean to pry, but they have some of Kaldur's favorite food, and I wanted to find him, and I think it would be rude if I reached him telepathically." She looks from side to side. "Speaking of which, where is Robin."

"His in one of the corners playing something called Mythomagic with another incoming freshman," Conner replied. "If you're really worried, we can look for them for a little bit, but their both capable of handling themsselves."

"I know, I'm just being silly," M'gann says. "I'll keep looking for him though. I saved him a slice of the seaweed pizza."

A few minutes later, she running back to them.

"Guys guys guys!!!!" she exclaimed. "You'll never believe what I just saw."

"Flying whales?" Eureka guesses.

"NO! Roy and Kaldur are..." Megan lowered her voice, but still managed to squeel, "making out!"

There is an moment of blink before Young Justice runs with M'gann's directions to one of the lower floor lookouts, where they see Roy and Kaldur cuddled on a couch. They get caught when Wally started snapping pictures and have to run away from Roy's fierce aim with pillows.

Conner watchs a little confused as Wally flirts with a girl over rocket fuel.

"I'm telling you," he said. "That kind of compound would never make it into the thermosphere, let alone space."

"And I'm telling you that I've run prilimanary tests," she retorted. A blonde boy trotted up to them and tapped the girl on the shoulder,

"Maggie, have you seen Jasper? There's a mythomagic game going on in the corner and I don't think he would want to miss it."

"Oh, he was over by the fountain the last I saw. By the way, there was this cute blonde I talked to earlier who just got off the rebound. Go talk to her. Her name is Annabeth, she's yeah high and likes architecture." The blonde boy nodded and moved away from the conversation. Conner's beginnig to think that there might be groups stranger than his friends. He could be really grateful for this.