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June, otter


Write the Thing

I need to write more...

June, otter
 Today was exceeding difficult to write for. I dunno, maybe it was the double doctor's appointments that had me down, but I really can't say. In any case, that's why everything is so choppy, and there are only beginnings and lots of tellings. OH! And I started a new blog and was so desperate that I had to include that in my word count. 

Link to Blog: http://writersmithy.blogspot.com/ 

It's a blog about writing, as if there were not enough  of those in the world. But it's also a blog about me writing, so I guess that's okay. 

Also, Story Idea Number One, which came from watching too many episodes of criminal minds, instead of doing my writing: 

The story of a young girl who's mother is murdered, so she tries to go through the legal way of revenge.Collapse )

As such, she trains herself to do grueling work, works hard to get into college early to get a double degree in criminal justice and psychology and wants to join the FBI (but can't until she's eighteen). So, one late while watching the news, she spots a murder that is similar to her mother's and starts really looking into the case. She get's caught looking at the murder sight by the members of the FBI and gets taken in and has to explain herself. Might just turn it into a Criminal Minds fanfic.

This next one is totally different, but since I couldn't keep focus, it's like two sentences long without the quote at the top. 

And this is about a girl who gets bullied a lot because she's strange and believes in magic, but one day actually finds fairies and things to be real, and discovers that she can do magic as well. Collapse )Yeah...this one is a little more original than the last, and I think I couldn't concentrate very well on it because of the criminal minds thing. I might look into actually writing on this later. 
After that I took a break and got my reading for the night done, and got inspired by the book I read, so this next one
about a girl who travels in time and space and learns magic from three witchy sisters.Collapse )
 And that was my writing for the day, very....vague and without focus and I just don't know what it was about yesterday that had me so scared off from writing. Maybe it was because with the opening of the Smithy, I committed to start writing only fiction for LJ.... Maybe it was just an off day. Ah, well, who knows. Anyway, I'm signing off, now.