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Atalanta part 18

 She hacked and coughed as she made her way over to Charlotte, her face contorted into an angry snarl.

“You said!” She could not muster enough air to finish her statement, and Charlotte offered her a water bottle. Mizuki snapped it up guzzling down the water. Havard came tumbling down the park side walk as she handed it back and began to speak, “You said no super speed.”

“So I did,” Charlotte replied. “What went wrong?” Natalie came up with shiny, new, plastic bottles from a vending machine by the park bathrooms, and Havard ripped into one.

“What is wrong is you did not obey your own rule!” Mizuki shouted. She looked around her, but no one seemed to notice her outburst. Lowering her voice she continued. “You were running far too fast for a normal human being. Not as fast as I couldn’t have, but still much faster than a normal person could.”

“Mizuki speaks the truth,” Havard rasped out. “I do not think you realized you were doing it, but you continued at far too quick a pace for too long, and I do not believe your ‘parkour’ can account for all of it.”

“I have a theory,” Greer said as he jogged up to the group. Charlotte blinked as Natalie handed him a bottle; she had not seen him enter the corner of her eye. Once he took a few drinks of water he said, “Charlotte is capable of maintaining weights that would kill a normal person, not to mention, she’s invincible. So it would stand to reason that she can accelerate to a velocity capable for most people, and then maintain it, when others would weaken. Something to be aware of, like you said, when speeding through the city without a mask.”

“Hmm, well, I apologize Mizuki, Havard,” Charlotte said, “I didn’t mean to break my own rule the first time we trained together. That being said, baring super powers, if Zombies ever take over the world, you would be eaten.”

“How is that a fitting critique at all?” Mizuki asked. “Zombies would never take over the world.”

“And people who fly and can lift cars over their heads surely do not exist,” Charlotte retorted. “I’m teasing, Mizuki, I don’t really mean any of it seriously.”

“Then you should not say such things,” Mizuki said, falling to the ground and falling over her legs in a stretch. “Everything you say has meaning.”

“Yes, and the way you say it does as well,” Natalie said, moving into the same stretch as Charlotte, Havard and Greer joined them. “The fact that Charlotte teases you like that means you’re her friend. I mean we banter all the time. Just come up with a witty retort.”

“The wittier the better,” Charlotte said, putting one leg over the other and turning the side. “And I am sorry; I didn’t know I was constantly going thirty miles per hour.”

“It’s…all right, I suppose, so long as you are held to the same rules in training later on.”

“Of course,” Charlotte agreed. “I make it a point to follow my own rules.
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