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Fanfiction, I find is a little easier to write

 Here's another RPM fic for you. 

The rangers engage in a night of drinking and middle school party games.

Truth or Dare

Ziggy gave them no time to get used to the idea, and therefore no time to object to the idea of getting plastered. So almost no one questioned him when he brought in a case of various liquors.

"Ziggy, where did you get that?" Scott asked. Like I said, almost no one.

"Would you believe I traded the lady who owns one of the clubs downtown a chocolate cake for it?" Ziggy asked.

"No," Scott retorted.

"Well, tough, because you aren't getting another answer," Ziggy replied, taking the bottles out of the wooden crate he had had them. "And before you get uppity, yes, I am twenty-one, no I do not exactly intend to get everyone plastered tonight, and actually intend to use this alcohal very sparingly."

"To do what, exactly, Ranger Green?" Dr. K asked, holding up a liquor bottle.

"Well, I figured that Gem and Gemma have been apart of the team for almost two months now, and Dillon and I for almost six," Ziggy said. "And in all of that time, I haven't really learned much about any of you, and I'm fairly sure that all of you were surprised I was legally able to obtain alcohal, so it's safe to say that you don't know much about me. And some cases no with standing"

"Like having amnesia," Dillon said.

"Right," Ziggy agreed, "Some cases notwithstanding, this is because we do not communicate."

"So, you thought the alcohal would help?" Summer asked, eying the vodka like she didn't exactly mind the idea.

"Along with a few games most of us probably haven't played since the last lame middle school party we attended, yes," Ziggy replied.

"what are--

"lame middle--"

"School games?" Gem and Gemma asked.

"Seven minutes in hevean, Never have I ever, spin the bottle, would you rather, proove it and my personal favorite, truth or dare," Ziggy said.

"I'm in!" Summer declared, grabbing the vodka bottle.

"Don't open that yet!" Ziggy said.

"Don't open it at all!" Scott exclaimed. "Ziggy, we can't get drunk, or have hangovers tomorrow, I mean what if Venjix attacks."

"I already thought of that," Ziggy said. "I will explain the use of alcohal in the rules, and if someone has to take a shot, they have to drink a full glass of water to balance it out, adn we will all eat popcorn during the game so that we aren't drinking on empty stomach and to help us metabolize the alcohal."

"And what if we aren't old enough to drink?" K asked, reading the vintage label on a bottle of wine.

"You're old enough to fight a virus that took over the world aren't you?" Dillon pointed out, grabbing his own bottle of liquor. "C'mon fearless leader, don't pussy out on us."

"Y'have to admit, it does sound a bit fun, Scott," Flynn said. "And Ziggy's right, as long as we keep drinking water and eating carbs we shouldn't be in that bad of a way tomorrow."

"All right fine I am out voted," Scott said, taking a bottle of bourbon from the counter. Ziggy grinned as Scott cradled it in his arms. It was a good thing he knew that Scott liked bourbon.

Once Ziggy had popped a couple giant bowls of popcorn, prepared several pitchers of water, eight shot glasses and everyone started on their first glass of water, they all sat in a circle on the floor of the living room, and Ziggy began to explain the rules,

"Okay, first rule: you are allowed to reject questions or dares, but you are only allowed two dares for free, and then you must either answer two truths or get another dare from the same person, so use them sparingly and wisely. After that, you are allowed to reject two dares, under the same conditions, but you have to do a shot as well. But, if you haven't finished a glass of water, you aren't allowed to take a shot, and you have to do the dare or answer the question. After that, you have to take any dares and answer any truths that come your way. Second rule: if you are the person that the dare is being done to, you can only object once and once, for nothing and then a shot--"

"Wait, why does the person who it's getting done to not get to object twice?" Summer asked.

"I don't know, these are just the ellicit rules for truth or dare," Ziggy said.

"I think they should get two and two, like the other ones," Summer said, eying the vodka bottle.

"All right, fine, I think it was just to make the game go faster, but if it's unfair or doesn't make since, cool, that's fine we'll play it like that. Also, it is not technically an official rule, but try to not make personal attacks," Ziggy said. "Or retaliations. remember, revenge is a dish best served cold."

"How is that not supposed to encourage retaliations?" Dillon asked.

"It's not, it's just a request to make them subtle," Ziggy said. "All right, I'm thinking of a number between one and ten, closest with out going over?"






"One point five six nine seven eight two," Dr. K said.

"I guess that counts," Ziggy said. "I was thinking of two, so you get to go first."

"And what, exactly, am I supposed to do?"

"Ask someone a question or make a rediculas request of them," Ziggy said.

"Well, then, Ranger Green, are you a virgin, and if not, elaborate on the circumstance in which you lost your virginity," Dr. K replied. Ziggy blinked, in approximately two seconds, the entire time broke down into snorts and giggles.

"No I'm not a virgin," Ziggy retorted. "The first time I lost it was to the closeted quarter back my senior year of high school, the second was when I was in college to a girl I had been dating for a few months." The room fell to complete silence.

"Are y' serious, mate?" Flynn asked.

"You can have sex more than one way?" Gem asked. "Where would your penis go the second time?"

"Moving on?" Dillon asked.

"All right, Dillon, if you could have sex, and I do mean, full on anal sex, Gem, hold all questions to the end, who would it be and why?" Ziggy asked. Dillon flushed bright red.

"Aren't we supposed to be asking, 'Truth or Dare'?" Dillon asked.

"Okay, Dillon, truth or dare?" Ziggy asked. Dillon took a long drink from his water glass.

"All right, fine, I'll take the damn truth," he fianlly said. "Flynn."

"What?" Summer gasped. "I thought for sure you were going to go for Scott!"

"Aye, but you have to say why," Flynn reminded him.

"I guess you just have the nicest ass," Dillon retorted.

"Watch my ass a lot do you?" Flynn inquired.

"Every morning when you bend over your car," Dillon said. "Ziggy, give me some vodka."

"Opt out of Scott's dare when it gets around to him, and take your turn already."

"Summer, truth or dare?"

"Dare!" Summer explained.

"Give Dr. K or Gemma their first kiss, would you?" Dillon asked, smiling at her. Summer snorted and before she could protest, Gemma was being kissed full on the lips, with rousing cheers from most of the other men (except for Gem, who flushed and pulled away from his sister).

"If that's really the best you can do," Summer said as she settled back into her seat, "all I have to say is bring it bitches. Flynn, truth or dare?"

"Dare, girl, let's see what you've got."

They went round the circle, dares and truths being dished out, until everyone had used their passes, been kissed at least once, and Ziggy had been made to sit naked for three turns.

("Oh, come on, Gem," Scott said, "spare the rest of us, please?"

"HEY!" Ziggy protested, leaving his belt hanging open. "I don't not look that bad naked!" Just to prove his point, he shoved his pants down and sat directly on them. The boys (save Gem) flushed and looked away as the Gem and the girls stared on in wonderment.

"Huh, I guess you prove that whole guys with big hands thing wrong, Zig," Summer said, snatching at the vodka bottle and pouring herself a shot.

"Actually, penis size is inherited," Ziggy reported.

"So your dad had a big dick?" Dillon asked.

"The very same one he used to fuck my mother with," Ziggy retorted.

"Movig on," Scott prompted, flushed with a little more than the bourban he had been sneaking on the side.)

So, once there were no holds bared on dares and truths, and everyone got naked once, suddenly, at least according to Summer, the game lost it's appeal.

"I'm bored!" she whinned. "Let's play something else!"

"Okay!" Ziggy chirped, still missing his shirt. "Let's play 'Prove It.'"

"I've never played that before!" Summer exclaimed, reaching for the vodka bottle that now occupied Flynn's hand. "Flynn give it back!"

"In a second, you can goddamn wait two seconds Princess," Flynn told her, jerking the bottle away, spilling some of the vodka on the rug.

"I've never played that before either, Zig, explain the rules," Scott said, taking a swig directly from the bourbon bottle.

"Okay, so we all go around the circle, and say crazy things that we've done, things that other people might have a hard time believing. Some of them can be lies, because that's what makes the game fun. When someone calls out prove it, the person in question has to prove the event in time or ability, and if they can, the loser owes them a dare...or a truth if he or she would so prefer."

"Give us an example," Scott said.

"I worked as an exotic dancer to pay my way through university," Ziggy said.

"Prove it," Scott retorted. Ziggy grinned.

"Get the man a chair, he's getting a lap dance!"

"Woo!" Summer agreed lifting the vodka bottle.

"Oh, I have to see this!" Dillon said, jumping up to grab a chair. Ziggy stood too, to grab a music player from the table. Dillon set the chair in the middle of the circle and pulled Scott up and into it. Scott chuckled a little as his fellow rangers cheered and clapped, but once Ziggy started a slow, breathy, kind of techno beat song, everyone just sort of stopped. "Um, okay, Ziggy I think we believe you."

"And when I'm done, you won't just think that," Ziggy said. Slowly, very slowly, he started moving his hips back and forth, about a foot in front of Scott. Even more slowly, he slid his pants off of his hips, and stood in just his boxers. Still swaying side to side, he slid one leg over Scott's lap, and grided into him, even more slowly. He slid his other leg over Scott's lap making sure to make contact with Scott's crotch as he did so. Scott grabbed him by the hips, either to make sure he wasn't going to fall, or because he wanted to move with Ziggy. But Ziggy calmly grabbed Scott's wrists and said, "Rule one about exotic dancing, babe: I can touch you but you can't touch me. That was strike one."

"You and your goddamn rules," Scott swore. Ziggy pressed a chaste kiss to Scott's lip, and said,

"Don't worry, you'll grow to love them." Scott didn't quite care about Ziggy's rules and kissed the smaller man back. "Mm, strike two. This is going to be a very short demonstration if you keep doing that." Ziggy accented each word by grinding into Scott's crotch with his own. Scott gave a very breathy moan and let Ziggy keep girating against him until he asked,

"And what if I just don't care," He grabbed Ziggy's hips again, holding the smaller man in place, while he planted a searing kiss onto Ziggy's lips. Ziggy's tongue met his blow for blow, but Ziggy only let the kiss go on for a minute before he pulled back.

"Strike three, stud." He climbed off of Scott's lap, nothing remotely sexy about him.

"Dammit, Scott, that was really hot," Summer whinned.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Scott said. "What do I owe you Ziggy?"

"I want to have your boxer shorts for the rest of the night," Ziggy said.

"And I don't suppose you're going to let me go into the bathroom to take them off are you?" Scott asked.

"Nope!" Ziggy retorted cheerfully, taking a swig of a Scotch bottle.

Scott rolled his eyes and stood up, pulling down his pants to much cheering from his fellow rangers and a wolf whistle from Dr. K. He tossed Ziggy the red shorts and pulled his pants back on.
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