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Still blocked on Atalanta, here's some Young Justice

 Yeah, what it says on the tin. Here's an AU in the cartoon 'verse where they found a girl instead of a boy in the tube. 

Kryptongirl eyed Batman as he debriefed them on their latest training session, giving them all a list of things to work on and observe as a team, like he usually did after everything they did as a team. K-girl suspected that were he to order them to make dinner together, as a team building exercise, he would critique the way they used a frying pan or something else. But he was Batman that was what Batman did.

“That is all for now. You are dismissed until Monday, unless a mission should come up for you,” Batman said. Wally sped off, eager to be off duty and M’gann and Artemis walked off chatting about something or other.

“Batman,” K-girl said softly. He still heard, and he turned, nearly causing Robin, who had been following after to bump into him. The boy wonder managed to stop in time though, as did the rest of the room to turn and stare at her. “May I speak to you, alone?”

“Is something wrong?” Kaldur asked.

“No,” she said, turning toward him. She forced a small smile on her face and added, “I simply need to discuss something with Batman.” A gloved hand fell on her shoulder.

“Come with me,” Batman said, directing her toward the small library they had in the Mt. Justice compound. Kryptongirl followed him inside and shut the door to give them a modicum of privacy. “You have something you want to say.”

“Something to ask,” she replied. From her jeans pocket, she pulled a small stack of folded papers and began unfolding them. “I…I found this on the internet. It’s a school, but a special one that deals in alternative learning. I liked the idea of it, and I was wondering if you would help me go.” She paused for a minute as Batman began reading over the school’s description and mission statement. “I know you and Black Canary have been working on creating a paper trail for me so that I could do things like this, and this is the place I would like to go to, if you will let me.”

“You’ve decided on a name,” Batman observed, looking at the application she had printed, but only partly filled out.

“I…yes,” Kryptongirl replied, figuring Batman did not need to know the process she had gone through to pick out her name. Or that she had been looking through some of his files about the Justice League to discover Superwoman’s surname.

“This says that you would have two focus areas that you would take most of your classes in; what were you think of focusing on?” Batman inquired looking up at her.

“I thought you would approve of business,” she said. Batman nodded. “I would also like to study art and music.”

“And why did you decide that?” Batman asked.

“I’ve been teaching myself how to play the piano,” she said, “I like to draw.” Batman began nodding again.

“I noticed that this school is also close to Metropolis,” he said, in a low voice.

“It was a coincidence,” Kryptongirl retorted, almost immediately. “I…I don’t want to see her right now. And she doesn’t want to see me, I know that. I just like the school.” Batman looked at her for a good long while, before he handed back her papers, and said,

“Very well, as soon as we have the paperwork, you can transfer in for the spring semester,” Batman told her. “In the meantime, I suggest you start spending more time interacting with your teammates on a social level, and perhaps experiencing more outside of Mount Justice. Also, you will need to buy yourself other clothes and a pair of glasses.”

“Glasses?” Kryptongirl asked. “Why would I need glasses?”

“As a way of keeping your secret identity secret,” Batman said. “I’ll send some cash along later this weekend so you can go shopping.” K-girl didn’t quite know what to say to that, so she simply said,

“Thank you.” Batman said nothing more, but swept for the door. He waltzed out, ignoring the crowd of the Young Justice members around the door. “And Kryptongirl?”

“Yes Batman?”

“I’m glad you’re trying. Are you coming, Robin?” Robin grinned and flashed a thumbs-up.

“Right behind you!” Robin called, jogging to catch up with his mentor.

“Dude, K-girl, why would you want to go to school?” Kid Flash asked, leaning on her shoulder.

“I want to be normal,” she said, shrugging off his arm. “M’gann, what do you want for dinner?”

“Do you want to try and make lasagna?” M’gann asked, floating a little up in the air. “I’ve wanted to try it for so long. Kaldur are you staying?”

“I think I will sup with you this night,” Kaldur agreed. “Kid Flash, Artemis, I bid you goodnight.”

“’Night Kaldur, Megan, K-girl. You coming to the portal Arty?” Artemis had been eying Kryptongirl strangely ever since she had come out of the library, but pushed herself up from where she leaned against the wall, and said,

“Yeah sure, but don’t call me Arty, dope.”

“Who uses dope as an insult anymore?” Kid Flash asked as they walked toward the transporter, arguing the whole way. M’gann hummed as she flew to the kitchen, getting out all of the necessary materials to make lasagna. K-girl attempted to follow, but Kaldur grabbed her arm gently.

“I would have a word with you,” he said.

“Have it,” she retorted, shaking off his arm.

“I understand that you do not like it when we look at you strangely, but that is no reason to use M’gann to deflect the attention off of you,” Kaldur said. “While she may not have noticed, and even welcomed the attention, it is still not a fair thing to do to a friend.”

“Is it a fair thing to eavesdrop on private conversations?” Kryptongirl bit back.

“I—perhaps not,” Kaldur admitted. “But you do not usually speak out. We were curious as to what you wanted to say.”

“Then you could have asked,” K-girl replied. “I would have told you. There is no point in having secrets from my team. It’s not like I have a life outside of it.”

“But you soon will,” Kaldur told her. “And I think your bitterness must be the first thing you seek to change about yourself, Kryptongirl. Perhaps you could also tell us the name you intend to use, so you could get used to hearing it spoken?” Kryptongirl looked away biting her lip. “I will not abuse your chosen name, Kryptongirl. Please trust me when I say I only want to help you feel happy.”

“Elanor,” she retorted. “I want to be called Elanor. Or Ela, I guess.”

“It is a beautiful name,” Kaldur said. “Would you like to tell the team in your own time?” Kyrptongirl let her hair fall in front of her face. Kaldur brushed it back, making eye contact with her again.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I’ve wanted a name for so long, when I finally decided on one, I told myself that Batman would never agree to send me to school. And now that he has it feels strange. That I could have a normal life like all of you have.”

“Batman would not deny you such a thing,” Kaldur said. “And had he, do you think that Black Canary would not have protested it? She begins to love you like a sister or more. And did you think we would sit idly by while you were in such misery?”

“I’m not miserable,” Kyrptongirl said.

“But you are neither happy nor content, Elanor,” Kaldur told her. Elanor blinked. “Is something wrong?”

“It is strange to be called that,” she admitted.

“Then I will say it to you until it is no longer strange, Elanor,” Kaldur replied. “Perhaps we could continue this discussion after we sup.”

“Perhaps,” Elanor agreed, though she indicated that her mood might shift again and she may not want to talk later at all.

“Or perhaps at another time,” Kaldur agreed. Elanor led the way to the kitchen, where M’gann was already examining a recipe for lasagna.

“I wonder if we could exclude the mushrooms…?” she muttered. Elanor looked at the recipe over her shoulder.

“Maybe if you really want,” she said. “They look like they are just there for taste. Kaldur, do you like mushrooms?”

“I have never tasted such a food, Elanor,” Kaldur replied. M’gann blinked, looking between the two of them. She grinned and tapped her forehead with the butt of her palm.

“Duh Megan! Your name! I nearly forgot to ask what it was! Elanor, that’s so pretty! It suits you really well, Kryptongirl—I mean, Elanor.” M’gann smiled one of her brightest, biggest smiles, and Elanor smiled back without even thinking about it.

M’gann planned to go shopping with her on Saturday morning, but the Martian Manhunter came by and asked M’gann if she would like to spend some time with him. It was rare for him to feel like he could leave his League duties, so Elanor told M’gann to spend the day with her uncle, and she would show her all of her purchases that evening. So, dressed in a plain blue tee-shirt, with the wallet Batman gave her filled with cash, Elanor wandered down into Happy Harbor to do some shopping. She made it to the local mall, and looked around feeling a little helpless as she walked around looking at clothes that bratty girls on TV wore. She thought to look in another place to find something, but Happy Harbor was a fairly small town, and she did not think she could really find anywhere else that would sell clothes, at least clothes different from the ones in the mall.

Dejectedly, she returned to Mount Justice to sulk on the couch.

“I thought you were supposed to be going shopping today?” Elanor turned to see Black Canary standing over the steps leading down into the sitting area, only she was dressed in civilian clothes, her hair neatly pulled up and pinned against her head.

“I didn’t like any of the clothes they had at the mall,” Elanor reported.

“So you just gave up?” Canary asked. “I thought I trained you a little better than that.”

“But this is different,” Elanor replied, rubbing her temples. “And it’s confusing. It’s not like fighting.”

“No, but I will tell you this: part of being an American woman is knowing how to shop,” Canary said. “Come on, we’re going to Metropolis.” Canary looked at her sideways for a minute. “After we do something about your hair.”

“What’s wrong with my hair?” she asked.

“Nothing is wrong with it, you have lovely hair, I just think we should put it up, so that when you start doing less covert saves you won’t be associated with Elanor Kent. C’mon, let’s go to your room.”

“Batman told you my name?” she asked, as Black Canary nearly dragged her to her room.

“Yes, he thought you might like to be called by it,” Canary said pulling her desk chair in front of the mirror she had and sitting her down. “I might also need to teach you how to do your make up later.”

“Why do I need to wear makeup?” Elanor asked, as Canary brushed out the tangles in her hair.

“It’s all a part of creating that illusive secret identity,” Canary told her. “Diana wears some, and she hates to stuff, so does Clara, for that matter.” Elanor went rigid in her seat as Canary brushed her hair up, and held it all by the very ends, so that it was almost fanned out from the tips to her scalp. Canary moved her fingers in, clasping the hair at the base her scalp, before she wrapped a hair tie around the long black hair. “You know something, I’ve known Clara for a while, and she will come to accept you as her daughter.”

“But she doesn’t really want me,” Ela said.

“But she will,” Canary reassured her. “Just give her time, and try to be ready to forgive her when the time comes.” She brushed a stray lock of hair behind Ela’s ear and said, “Now, what do you say we do some shopping?”

“Okay,” Ela agreed, letting Canary give her a side hug as they walked to the transporter.

So, a note on Elanor's names:

I picked Kryptongirl, because I think in this continuity, they do already have a Supergirl, she's just sequestered at the Kent farm, after the whole incident with Darkseid in Batman/Superman: Apocolypse. So I figured Kryptongirl would be a good codename, especially since she had the Kr on her tube. Also: Elanor, I picked because it's from Lord of the Rings and I like the meaning (star sun). I wanted to get away from K and C names, plus it will work out well when we find out who Ela's father is. Like it will be a surprise.
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