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 So, good news: I broke my writer's block on Atalanta, this may be due to a couple of epiphanies, something really sweet my creative writing teacher did in our last class today, and...something I forgot while watching the updates on Yuu Yuu Hakusho abridged.

Anyway, I realized that I might be trying to take the story in the wrong direction, so I decided to try a new one and low! A thousand words were written in like, half an hour (okay, so I had written some of them before, but it was very nearly a thousand). Now I'm just having a little writer's block for the normal reasons. A: I am writing an action sequence B: I just found out that there are a bunch of new episodes of Yuu Yuu Hakusho abridged and am very interested in watching them. and C: I'm not really sure how the story is going to go after this, because logically to tell a complete story, I'm going to need to split off from Charlotte's perspective, which hasn't been done outside of italics or bold print yet.

(As to what my creative writing teacher did: she gave us writer's blocks, as in the little toy blocks that had letters and things on them, and everyone in the class signed everyone elses,a nd it was really sweet, so that way, whenever we get writer's block, we just look at the block and some magic will happen [hopefully] and we'll remember everything we learned in class and get back to writing.)

Most of these things should be fairly easy to conquer. Tomorrow, I hope to sit down kind of early and get my writing and reading done for the day, so I'll try to go to a place where I don't get a great internet connection to work, and see what happens and just write.

Also: Today was the last day of classes, which makes tomorrow reading day (and this is all very sad because this means that summer is starting and I won't see my friends for the rest of the summer). Tomorrow is like our down day before exams officially begin. Now I'm not too worried, because I think I have my math finally pretty well in hand. My comm final, however, I am a little worried about and my drawing final is just something I need to work on between here and Saturday. That's another thing I plan on doing early in the morning...before the PUPPIES COME! YAY!

As for studying--I'm not sure how much I can study for my math final. I plan on reviewing my notes as much as I can, but I do better with math when I have specific example problems to work with. My professor has said that he probably won't do specific problems unless someone askes for them, and the exam is open note/assignment, so I think that will be a big help, because when I look at my notes and other problems, I know what I'm doing pretty well.

For Comm, I plan on making his "revie sheet" (it was really a lot of garbled terms) in a work sheet that I want to complete a couple of times between now and Friday. I want to take my exam Friday, because hopefully I will have also finished my math exam by then, and then the showing of my final drawing is on Saturday, so after that all I have to worry about is packing. And well, coming back next year. I keep getting this sort of swell in my cheast when I think about coming back next year, and I can't figure out yet if it's a good swell or not. As in, I can't tell if God is saying that I might not come back, or that I might. I think my faith in him might be being tested, and if necessary, i will take out a ten thousand dollar loan to cover everything. If someone will give me one.

Anyway, hopefully, I get some scholarship and can write up all of my essays in time. I still have quite a bit of time on most of them, and I should find out from one soon. Fingers crossed!

Also: my mom decided to drive down instead of fly and then drive back...this does not seem like a good idea as the drive made her physcially ill last time (grant it, those were not the best circumstances), also, I have to be out of the dorms by a certain time, or I get fined. One hundred dollars....it's not very pretty, but she said she should have a pretty decent trip, and since she's starting on the morning the fourteen, she should here by the sixteenth and hopefully will have some down time before we need to leave on the seventeenth.

(Strangely enough, we had the conversation about this on a facebook post I made that began: Who wants dinosaur tatoos?")
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