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Atalanta unblocked!

 Everyone finished their last minute suit ups and turned to stare at Atalanta. Strike nudged her as she wondered what the hell she could say to a group of people who had never really done this before. Especially since she had never really done something like this before; she wondered if she could lead them to something where they might be hurt or perish, but she looked at Strike for a minute and set her mouth into a grime line.

“All right,” she said. “We need to stay prepared for whatever may come our way. But all of you have done really well in your training so far. I am confident that we will get through this mission safely and together. Remember to stay in touch and patch through to IT if you get lost or need any help. We may not know exactly what to expect from Sorceress, but she does not know exactly what to expect from us, either. Play your strengths, and not just yours, but those in your group as well. Stay together, watch each other’s backs, and stick to the plan, unless you absolutely cannot, and only then start to improvise.” Atalanta took a breath and nodded to her team, who all nodded back.

That was when the sirens began to go off. Atalanta was confused, for as far as she knew the Fortress could not make these noises. IT, however, did not appear to miss a beat as she sat down in the main computer’s chair and began typing away, pulling up several windows on the screen. On the windows appeared to be cars flying around the down town area, with a girl wearing a bright blue long coat throwing them around, with nothing more than a wave of her hands. Only, sometimes the girl would disappear, and then reappear. There was also a large heap of concert moving up a building like a giant ramp. Any time someone could get close to the girl, the rock and pavement of the city would lash out at them.

“Well, that’s new,” IT said.

“Why are they doing this? Does it say?” Samurai asked.

“They robbed a bank, apparently,” IT said, “and now are attempting to get away. If I had to guess I would say the invisible one probably tripped a silent alarm she wasn’t thinking about.”

“Well, what do we do?” Gabriel asked. “Do we continue with the mission?”

“If we do not go, Sorceress is likely to figure out that we intended to go after her,” Einherjar said. “If we do not do this now, we could lose information.”

“Yes, and if we do not go after those downtown, we will likely lose lives,” Atalanta told him. “We are heroes, and our first responsibility is to those people who trust us to use our abilities for good.”

“All of us are not needed to clean up after two upstarts,” Einherjar protested. “Let some of us go after Ice Giant.”

“You mean Sorceress,” Hexe corrected. Einherjar paused.

“Was that not what I said?” Atalanta widened her stance, and looked up at him, directly in the eye.

“I know that Walkyrie is your sister, and I won’t pretend how much it means to you to get some peace of mind through the information we might obtain. But I don’t think any of the Collective would want us sacrificing civilian lives to save them. Especially when the world is trusting in us. And that is why I need your focus, especially if I were to send some of you in to infiltrate Sorceress while the rest of us took care of the two down town.”

“Does that mean you will send some of us in?” he asked. Atalanta turned to Strike and met eyes with him. He frowned, but nodded.

“Strike will lead you, as small task force, and this will be the only time we’ll be able to pull this off. If we revel ourselves as a team after this—”

“Guys I don’t want to interrupt, but the cops are getting creamed,” IT said.

“That means you’ll need Medicine with you,” Strike said. “Hexe, Wormhole and…Einherjar, front and center. We’ll need Wormhole to stand by in case of emergency.”

“Understood,” Atalanta replied. “Deploy, and contact as soon as you need help.” Einherjar flashed her a brief smile as he passed by her. “Medicine, Gabriel, and Samurai you’ll be with me down town. IT you’ll be pulling double duty, monitoring both teams with updates.”

“Rodger!” IT called.

“Wormhole, drop us downtown before you return to take them to the drop point,” Atalanta ordered.

“Yes ma’am!” Wormhole called putting his hands out for Gabriel, Medicine, Samurai and Atalanta to take a hold of.

“Wait, before you go, IT open drawer 65, code id347,” Strike said. IT opened a command box and found the particular drawer, which opened in the wall. “These are heat sensing goggles,” Strike said, handing a pair to Atalanta then one to each member of the group. “I figure, since you’re fighting an invisible enemy, these might help you figure out where they are.” He gave Atalanta a two finger salute.

“Thank you,” she replied, slinging the goggles around her neck, before taking ahold of Wormhole. The others followed suit, and soon they were down town, ducking at a car flying over heard. “Wormhole, get back to the others, and good luck!”

“You too!” he called before he disappeared.

“What’s the plan of attack?” Samurai asked.

“Circle up and look for week points, relay all through the comm link,” Atalanta replied, pulling the goggles up over her eyes. Gabriel and Medicine nodded, Gabriel spreading his wings to take to the sky, while Medicine faded into a shadow dust that blew along around the circle the invisible girl had created for herself.

“It already seems that she has created an eye of the storm,” Samurai said. Atalanta nodded, seeing the assessment play out.

“Circle around with the others, and see if there’s any break. I’ll do the same.” Samurai nodded and sped off.

Atalanta turned on the goggles almost instantly seeing the girl in the center of the telekinetic storm she was creating.

“I’ve examined the perimeter, and I cannot find a way in,” Samurai reported over the ear pieces.

“Neither can I,” Medicine reported.

“Gabriel, anything from your end?” Atalanta asked, as she paced the broken semi-circle of abandoned cop cars.

“Nothing yet,” he reported.

“All right, Medicine, get to the cops and anyone else who was injured who might need immediate medical attention. Report back when they’re taken care of.”

“Rodger,” Medicine replied.

“Gabriel, keep circling, tell us when you spot anything.”

“Understood,” Gabriel replied, and she saw him swoop across the sky.

“Samurai, I’m going to attempt a frontal strike, since I can more easily block a flying car or a pounding. If I can distract her, take a shot if you can find it. And keep wearing the infared goggle so you can keep a lock on her.”

“Agreed,” Samurai said.
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