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More Kryptongirl

 They spent the morning in Metropolis, walking from shop to shop, trying to find a place Elanor would like. And though she would find a shirt here, or a pair of pants there, Elanor felt that a lot of places just looked like something out of a bad Disney Channel TV show (and M’gann was obsessed enough that Elanor had seen a few of them). When the broke for lunch, Black Canary (who insisted that she had to be called Dinah while they were out) said,

“All right, I know we haven’t gotten a whole lot, but let’s try a few more shops, and then we’ll call it a day. Besides, now I think I know what you’re looking for!”

“Okay,” Ela grumbled. “Can…Dinah?”

“Yes?” Dinah asked, looking up from her menu.

“Do you think, after we’re done, we could go by my new school? I’m not sure if it’s close to here, but…”

“I don’t see why we can’t,” Dinah said. “Do you just want to look and see what it will be like?”

“Well, yes, I just can’t believe that I’m really going to school,” Elanor confessed. “I mean, I think I’m really starting to feel like a real person. I have a name now, and I’m going to school with other people. I’m not just the girl that came out of the tube anymore.” Dinah smiled at her, and took her hand from across the table.

“I’m glad that you feel like that, Elanor. And don’t stop yourself from feeling it. You should feel normal.”

“Sometimes I think it might just stop, like I’ll wake up and I’ll be back in Cadmus,” Ela confessed.

“We would never let that happen to you,” Dinah told her. “Never.”

“Good afternoon, ladies,” a man said as he walked up to them. “My name is Jacob and I’ll be your server, can I start you out with a drink.”

“Water,” Dinah said.

“Water for me too,” Elanor said.

“Excellent, and do you need just a little while longer, or would you like to put in your order?” Jacob asked.

“I’m ready, what about you, Ela?” Dinah asked.

“Um, yeah, could I get the burger with avocado and swiss cheese?”

“Sure,” the waiter replied, writing down on his pad.

“Just a plain cheese burger, please,” Dinah said. “Pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, no onions, American cheese, and just mayo for a sauce.” Jacob nodded as he wrote it all down.

“All right, I’ll out these in with the cook, and be back with your water in just a second.” Dinah turned back to Ela who was staring at her.


“I…you just ordered so quickly and you were so specific,” she said. Dinah shrugged,

“Elanor, life is about knowing what you want and having the balls to go after it. Just remember that, and you’ll be fine.” Ela grinned,

“Well, I don’t know about balls, but I will remember.”
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