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RPM fic part 2

 Scott felt himself grow a little numb, and blink rapidly before he stood.

“Okay, obviously, I am not up for winning this bet. Sorry for making a promise I couldn’t keep, and I’ll see if I can’t leave prom early.” He did not even make it out of the enclosure of chairs before there was an uproar of protests and laughter. People from all sides pushed him back down into his chair. Ziggy though turned to Dillon, nuzzling his boyfriend on the inside of the neck.

“I guess you were right, he’s not even really a one,” Ziggy said.

“See, I told you he wouldn’t be the least bit bi-curious,” Dillon said.

“Oh come on, you don’t even like want to see them make out?” one of the girls asked. “Come on, he doesn’t know that he’s really not interested because he’s never even tried to picture himself with another guy. Or guys for that matter. You two have to show him the possibilities.”

“I think you just want fan service,” Dillon replied. Scott suddenly noticed that they weren’t really playing cards anymore, but rather, everyone seemed to be making rather intense facial gestures at one another. Among which were much glancing, glaring, lip biting, nodding or shaking of the head. But then he noticed Ziggy grabbing Dillon’s face, and none of that really seemed to matter, as Ziggy proceeded to suck Dillon’s face off through his lips. The two, once they got going, evidently did not care if it were fan service or not, but ground against one another, and Scott saw flashes of tongues between their mouths. There were hoots and hollers from the other members of the group, and some of the other couples took that opportunity to begin their own make out sessions Not that Scott was watching much, because not that he would ever admit it out loud, but Dillon and Ziggy were making him kind of hard.

A large clap of thunder resonated through the house, causing everyone to jump and a few of them to scream.

“Jesus, I forgot about the storm!” Ziggy said. “All right, everyone out! I want you all to get home safe. Except you, Scott, you’re staying. You too Dillon.” Dillon grumbled, but did not move as everyone else rushed to collect their things and get out the door, also attempting to leave a neat wake behind them.

“Wait, why am I not allowed to leave?” Scott asked.

“Because by the time you get out onto the main road, it’s going to be pouring,” Ziggy said. “Both you and Dillon live to far away for me to want to chance it. Everyone else though lives pretty close to here, so they won’t have that difficult of a drive home. You guys might want to call your parents, because I am not letting you leave tonight.”

“And he really does mean that,” Dillon said. “He once stole my car keys and hid them somewhere in the house so I wouldn’t drive home during a really bad storm. I’ll let you use the phone first. It’s in the kitchen.”

As it turned out, for all of the modern surveillance and security systems Scott knew his Uncle Jak had installed on the property, he still had a rotary phone hanging on the wall in the kitchen. It took some time, but Scott finally managed to dial his home number, and held the ancient receiver to his ear.

“Hello?” came his father’s voice on the other end of the line.

“Hi Dad, it’s Scott,” he said. “Listen, Ziggy’s forcing me to stay at his house because of the storm.”

“He’s forcing you?” Scott could hear the emphasis in his father’s voice, and moved to check his pockets for his keys. They were not to be found.

“Yep, forcing me, he’s already stolen my keys,” Scott replied. Scott heard his father mutter something about Ziggy being just like his dad, before he said,

“Well, all right, I trust you’ll be safe in Jakob Grover’s home, but don’t stay up too late, and you had your homework done before you went over there, right?’

“Yes sir,” Scott said. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then, Dad.”

“Sleep sound, son. Good night.”

“Good night.” When he had put the phone receiver back into its cradle, Scott felt hands ghost along his sides. He jumped and turned, his arms flailing about, only to see Dillon standing behind him sniggering.

“Did you make your call, Fearless?”

“Jesus!” Scott retorted punching at the other man. “Why the hell did you do that?!” Dillon grabbed his arms and with a grin, said,

“Because it was funny. Are you done?”

“Yeah, I’m done,” Scott retorted, storming out of the kitchen and through the dining room, back into the living room. Ziggy stood in the hall just off of the living room, frowning.

“Dillon, what did you do?” Ziggy called.

“I just made him jump!” Dillon called back. “Oops, sorry Dad!” the heard him exclaim in a much softer voice.

“So, do you want to sleep in the red room, or the black and purple room?” Ziggy asked Scott.

“You name your rooms by color?” Scott asked.

“Okay, would you like to sleep in the wolf room or the falcon room?” Ziggy asked.

“The falcon room,” Scott replied. The falcons were after all the Air Force Academy mascots, he should show some pride. Thankfully, the falcon room was also the red room.

“Are the sheets clean enough for you?” Ziggy asked, sweeping through the room looking for something to be cleaned. Scott nodded, and inspected the room himself. It looked like everything was clean and he could see not one drop of dust anywhere. Scott slouched onto the bed, and thought to lay back on it, but before he could, Ziggy raised his hands in protest. “Don’t go to sleep just yet! Let me get you some pajamas. I think some of Dillon’s stuff will fit you.”

“Dillon has stuff here?” Scott asked.
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