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 Inspired by watching Cirque de Soleil

Here's a summary: Before Ziggy was a ranger, before he worked for the Cartels, he lived and worked in a circus. In fact, he was born into circus life and always loved it. He gave it up to protect his family from the cartels, and then the Venjix up rising happened, leaving Ziggy no way back to his family. But once he escapes the cartels and returns to become a ranger, Ziggy begins practicing his circus arts again. The group discovers this when Ziggy rescues a small boy from grinders atop high scaffolding.

It was still, but cold, the day the Grinders attacked the office building. They had already had a major fight earlier that day so their suits were nearly tapped after they fought off the third, large wave of foot soldiers. More had retreated inside of an office building, for what reason, they could not guess. Ziggy went inside with some of the others, and had volunteered to check the floor after they had gotten what they believed to be the last of the grinders, one last time before he evacuated down with everyone else. And when he did, he found a small boy, probably about eight or nine, hiding in a storage cabinet.

“Hey, hi,” he said to the boy. “My name’s Ziggy. I’m the green ranger. Do you want to come out so I can get you to your mom?”

“The machines are still here,” the boys said. “They just walked by a few minutes ago.”

“Hey no problem, the other rangers and I took care of them,” Ziggy said. “Don’t worry. I will protect you. Come on out.” He offered out his hand and the boy took it gently, as they pulled out. “What’s your name?”

“Michael Corrigan,” he said.

“Hey Scott, I’ve got a Michael Corrigan with me, we’re gonna head down and out,” Ziggy said, into his morpher.

“Negative. Find some place to hide, another sweep of Grinders just came past us Ziggy.” Ziggy bit back a swear word.

“How many?” he asked. He had gotten better and could probably take ten on his own…but with a civilian, he was not sure what to do.

“Too many,” Scott said. “At least fifty, maybe more.”

“Are we gonna be okay?” Michael asked.

“We’re gonna be fine,” Ziggy said. “Listen, Scott, I could probably hide Michael, but I’m not sure I would trust the grinders not to find him….Can we get a pick up from the roof? Gem and Gemma, or maybe a military helicopter?”

“Gem, Gemma, status report. Ziggy move with the kid toward a stair way, anyway, so that you can go back down the other way if you need to.” Ziggy ushered Michael toward the stairs and they began to ascend as Gem and Gemma reported that they were helping clear out the others and they probably would not be able to access the zords. “Zig, I’m seeing about a military helicopter. The colonel says it will be possible to get you one, so keep heading toward the roof, they’ll be with you as soon as they can get to you from the helicopter bay.”

“Rodger, I’ll contact if there’s trouble,” Ziggy replied, as he jogged up the steps with Michael. “Did you hear that? We get to ride in a helicopter?”

“That’s pretty cool,” Michael admitted. “I’ll get to tell all the kids at school about it. Except for David. He’s brother got really hurt by one the machines once and he almost did too, so he doesn’t like it when people talk about that kind of stuff.”

“Really? Tell me about the other kids at school,” Ziggy asked, hearing familiar mechanical sounds. He looked down the stair well. The number of grinders he saw did nothing for his stomach which was churning. They appeared to be sending off more on each floor, and there would be enough to reach the roof. “Hey, Michael, do you wanna race? That way you can say you beat a power ranger up the stairs.” Michael grinned and started running up the stairs, Ziggy following after, trying not to watch the grinders as they steadily climbed the steps.

When they made it to the roof, Ziggy barricaded the door with as many things as could find, and though there were many, heavy construction supplies, he knew it would barely slow the grinders down. “Scott, how’s that copter coming?” Ziggy asked.

“They’re still a few minutes away,” Scott said. “We’re coming in after you though.”

“Is something wrong?” Michael asked. Ziggy took a deep breath and almost said no, but instead knelt down and looked Michael in the eye.

“Michael, I need to tell you the truth, okay? But try to stay calm. There are a lot of machine coming up the stairs. But I am going keep you safe, and get you back to your mom and dad, okay?” The fear shone out of Michael’s eyes but he nodded. “Okay, I need you to trust me, and do whatever I say, all right? We’re both going to be fine. Dr. K?” he called into the com link.

“Rodger, Ranger Green.”

“I know we had big fights today, but is there any chance my suit might be good enough for me to teleport down just a few levels?”

“Negative. Even with the recharge I could give you, you would not make it more than four hundred feet, and the building is still swarming with grinders. The boy would get hurt. And no, just in case you were thinking it, I would neither advise you teleporting across to the other building. It’s too far. Again, the boy is the liability. Hold for the copter, Ranger Green, they’re only a few minutes away.”

“Doctor, we don’t have a few minutes.” As he spoke, there was already something pushing against the door. “Just so we’re clear, that’s not any of the team doing that, is it?”

“Negative,” came the all around. Ziggy ran to the end of the roof, where several metal construction scaffolds went from one building to the next, including what looked to be a set of swings running from one building to the next.

“I could do that…” he muttered to himself. It had been a long time since he had performed weighted, but he had been practicing ever since he got back to Corinth and the swings were the perfect length apart and were even moving toward one another. He could do this. “Calling all team. I’m gonna try something a little desperate, but it’s out last shot.”

“Just what are you planning?” Dillon asked.

“I’m going to go across the scaffolding. Nobody object we don’t have the time.” He looked at the scaffolding once more and began shrugging off his jacket. It would only weigh him down more. He debated on his shows, and decided to keep them back before he turned back to the little boy who had followed him to the end. “Michael, have you ever seen a trapeze act?”

“No, but I’ve read about them,” Michael said.

“All right, well, this is going to seem a little crazy, but I’m a trapeze artist, or I was. But I’m going to get us across this scaffolding, all right? And it might seem a little scary, but I need you to hold on to me tight, all right? Don’t let go, okay?”

“Okay,” Michael said. Ziggy lifted Michael up and had the boy wrap his arms around Ziggy’s neck, and his legs around Ziggy’s torso, locking each tightly. Ziggy stepped up onto the ledge, and jammed his com link on, before he grabbed onto the first piece of scaffolding. He tried gauging the best point to walk across, how to get up there with Michael clinging to him. Then he heard the door slam open and grinders began to pour onto the roof. Ziggy went with his instinct and jumped.

He gripped the first swing’s bar tightly, loosening his grip only after they were safe from the grinders. Michael whimpered a little.

“Hey, don’t cry!” Ziggy said, as he began swinging back and forth to get enough momentum to get to the next swing. “You know, one of the first acts I did, I did something like this with my friend Pinot. He was your age then, and I promise you I didn’t drop him, not once, not even in practice. We’re going to be okay, Michael.” Ziggy tried not to jump, he tried to simply reach out and grab the next swing, which was moving toward his. But there was just too much distance between the two for it to work. But he could make it if he jumped. And he knew he would grab the bar. He pumped his body harder, and then swung through the air, and reached the second bar.

“Ziggy! Jesus, what are you doing?” came Scott’s voice through the communicator. Ziggy tried to reply, but his attempt to jam the com link had not worked as well as he had hoped.

“Michael, we’re going to have to go upside down for a second, all right?” Ziggy said.

“Okay…” Michael muttered, sounding less okay by the second. Ziggy swung his feet up and locked them into place, before he let himself swing down, and hold by his feet.

“Scott, I know this doesn’t look good, but believe it or not, I’ve done this sort of thing a million times before.”

“Ziggy this kid’s parents are on the ground watching you right now with their son,” Scott said. “I get it, the grinders got to the roof. But stay put, no more jumping.”

“Mr. Ziggy, the machines.” Ziggy had a chance to look back and see that Grinders were climbing out onto the scaffolding, some even looked to be attempting to get to the swings.

“Scott I don’t think that’s going to be possible. They’re following us.”

“The copter’s almost there,” Scott said.

“Almost here isn’t good enough. They’ll be on us in less than a minute unless I keep moving. I’ve got to do this. Tell Mr. and Mrs. Corrigan that I’m sorry for scaring them. But I’ve got to.” He swung harder now, getting closer to that third swing. Third swing and they would be almost a third of the way across. Ziggy released his feet and lunged, grabbing the swing. His hands felt sweaty now. He thought of turning upside down again, but didn’t want to risk it. He gripped it hard with one hand, wiping the sweat on Michael’s back. “Sorry,” he said, switching hands to do the same.

“Ranger Green, you are fair enough away from the grinders,” Dr. K said.

“She’s lying,” Michael reported.

“Is there anything I can do to be of assistance in this endeavor?”

“Not unless you can play me music loud enough to hear it up here,” Ziggy said.

“What kind of music?” Dr. K asked. So now the com link worked…

“Uh, I don’t know, just something that will keep me focused. I just, I don’t know.” Ziggy swung again, and this time, his fingers slipped off the bar, but his years of training made him spin and catch the bar with his feet. The timing was all wrong though and it hurt his ankles to do it. Michael whimpered again, and Ziggy realized they were turned the wrong way and could see the grinders gaining on them. “Sorry, Michael,” he said.

Then, through the air, pumping out of every speaker around, even the ones at the top of the buildings, the tune of a song he had not heard in a long time came to his ears.

“Alegria…” a haunting voice sang a voice he thought he would never hear again.

“Hey Michael,” Ziggy said. “This is the song I did my first show too. It’s an old tune by now, but it was always one of my favorites. I’m gonna get you across.” Ziggy pulled himself up so that he stood on the swing, and turned around to face his next swing, pumping himself closer, until he jumped and spun through the air, and grabbed the bar. And then he swung to the next, and the next, and Ziggy was more than half way across, and his body was beginning to feel the strain of swinging weight.

“Alegria! A feel a love in me raging, Alegria!” sang the haunting voice.

“A joyous magical feeling…” Ziggy sang along. He couldn’t stop now. Not with Michael and everyone counting on him. He summoned all of the strength in his body and flipped through the air. He grabbed the bar but some of his fingers slipped, but he still reached up to grasp the bar. “Scott, how’s that helicopter coming?”

“Ziggy, you’ve got this,” Scott said.

“The helicopter isn’t coming, is it?” Ziggy asked.

“You’ve got this Ziggy,” Dillon said. “We all believe in you.”

“Okay,” Ziggy replied. “Ready for another jump, Michael?”

“Yeah,” Michael replied. Ziggy spun through the air, but at the last second, he realized that he timed it all wrong, and he was not going to make the bar at all. He squeezed his eyes shut, just as a pair of hands squeezed around his fore arms, and out of instinct, he reached up and squeezed back.

“Hey there,” came a soft voice. Ziggy opened his eyes to see a pair just like his staring back at him.

“Dad,” he said, barley holding back the sob in his throat.

“Come on son, sing with me,” the older man said. “Del delittuoso grido.”

“Bella ruggente pena, Seren. Come la rabbia di amar! Alegria!” they sang together as his father swung him over to the next bar.

“Make it to your uncle and you’re almost there,” his dad said. “Give me one more mile, Ziggy.”

“I will, Dad,” he said.


“Always.” And Ziggy flew, and twisted, and made it to the next bar without a problem. He timed the next bar, and made it there, and then flew to his uncle’s hands.

“One more, kid,” Uncle Ti told him. They swung, and he made it to the next bar, and then there was a rope, at the end of which was Colbert, the strong man.

“Hold tight, Ziegfeld!” he called. Ziggy stood on the swing and grabbed the rope, wrapping himself into it as Colbert pulled he and Michael to safety. It was only when he stood on the top, and handed Michael off to another member of the circus, that he realized that the crowds were cheering below. The other rangers, burst out of the top of the building and went into grinder fight mode, ripping them to shreds.

“Hey, Dillon, when you’re done, d’you think you can get my jacket?” he asked through the com as his uncle and father climbed up onto the building.

“Top of the to-do list,” Dillon replied, sending a grinder over the building. His father rushed him into an embrace, and he did not let go until he heard his name called from the other side of the roof. He turned to see his mother racing toward him, as well as Vasquez and a blonde woman that raced toward Michael. His mother collided with him, sobbing as he wanted to.

“Oh Ziegfeld! You have no idea how happy I am to see you!” she exclaimed.

“I’m so happy to see you too Mom. Thank you for singing to me.” She pulled back and whipped at his silent tears.

“Ranger Green,” said the woman who he assumed was Mrs. Corrigan. “I…thank you, so much for bringing him to safety.”

“It’s what a ranger does,” Ziggy said. “He’s a brave kid, and he held on tight the entire time. That’ll be something to tell the kids at school, right, Michael?”

“Mrs. Corrigan, and Grover and company, I really need to escort you to the bottom of the stairs, and Ranger Green, I believe you will need to report to Dr. K and the Colonel,” said Vasquez.

“Of course,” Ziggy replied. Everyone moved together and followed Vasquez back to the express elevator and down to the bottom of the building.
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