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So...cheating a little?

 Well, analysis leaves me a little writing weary, and I have to go to bed tonight. So, I promise you approx. 250 words from the Next Great Magician, when I get them typed, which i should do tomorrow, and then I have a link, here to my other blog: writersmithy.blogspot.com/. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Here's that 278 words

“You mean like—”

“I would rather you didn’t tell me,” Weisz replied. “Knowledge can led to a great many temptations.”

“So, what’s supposed to keep me from being tempted?” she inquired.

“Well, right now should you attempt such a ritual, you would be killed on sight by any powerful magician, Klaus and I included. Hopefully, through our teachings you willlearn how evil immortality is, and never attempt it. But there is something in all Great Magicians, Elba once told me, that their predecessor can recognize and knows they will be good. Have faith in yourself, Tabitha. I do not believe you will give in to temptation so easily.”

“That brings me to another point—two actually—the first author kept talking about immortality like it was a sin, he even mentioned the word a few times, and Adam and Methuselah. I was wondering if a lot of magicians believe in God like that.”

“Some do, some don’t, much like people who are not magicians. It depends on where you grew up, what your parents believed and your own theological experiences. In the old days it was not so uncommon to believe in Christianity or whatever the local religion was but the enlightenment changed us all really—one of the reasons why we all disapprove of scientific advancements, it changed many of use for the worse. Many lost a belief that there was something greater than magic—the same path the immortality seekers take.”

“What do you believe?” Tabitha asked.

“I believe there is something greater than myself,” Weisz replied. “Something which knows when to create and when to destroy and can know more than we can imagine.”
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