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 I think I'm starting Camp over again. Never fear, I will post my old writings, just as soon as I get everything typed up as proof that I wrote for every day. But yeah, here's an outline for what I hope to begin tomorrow:

Notes on The Next Great Magician

• Beginning: Is good
• Scene with the school shooting
• Tabitha receives the book (Also, maybe a more personal accounting of things, from Elba to her apprentice? Maybe there’s a special way rituals are locked into the book so that they are removed from the minds of men? So, Elba gives her an accounting of history, and some things for a beginning magician to learn, and hints of where to go if Tabitha wants to learn more).
o I think there should be more time in between this and when she travels to Rennes through Tiberius' pawn shop
o Also: no visit to the dress shop: Tabitha trades for the dress inside of Tiberius’ trading more things if she needs to.
• Scene with Brian a lot earlier
• I need to give Tabitha some friends…Brian should be one, which would more easily explain how they grow close.
• Scene at Elba’s wake should seem more frightening to Tabitha
o Maybe she runs away before the others catch up to her.
o She should still collapse (instead of from exhaustion and hunger, someone spells her) and be taken to Klaus’
o Only when she wakes up, she should be locked in her room, and she plays with the type writer to console herself.
o She does get away
 How though? Since teleporting seems to be fairly complex magic? Maybe she really wants it, but then is almost on the verge of passing out again?
• Later Tabitha is first attacked by the Immortals and Weisz saves her
o Tabitha recognizes him both from Elba’s writing and from Klaus’
 He explains that they were trying to help her and the circumstances got misinterpreted.
 Tabitha is a bit unconvinced, so Weisz leaves her alone and advises her to trust her instinct.
• Tabitha goes home and wards her bed room, and the attic, then getting big enough ward blocks to cover the whole house. She makes herself sick doing it.
o Brian visits her with soup and with the large book to make her own Grimoire
o He asks her out on a date?
• Tabitha once again catches Weisz looking out for her and they finally talk about Elba and his promise to protect her. Weisz swears on his magic that he is on her side.
• Tabitha runs into Kale Temple (aka the man who wears nice suits) and they talk.
o He’s oddly honest with her and tells her that he’s an immortal, but Tabitha feels more at ease with him than she does with Weisz.
• After which Tabitha realizes she’s dating Brian.
• She meets with Weisz officially for the first time, and he tells her more about famous magicians
o Gets brought up that Klaus is in fact, immortal, but it was by an accident, and has since worked on a way to make himself mortal and age again.
o Tabitha wonders how Weisz knows so much about the great magicians, and he says that he and Elba were very close and that she shared knowledge with him
 This is odd because the Great Magicians are not supposed to do this.
• There is the scene where Mikey confesses that he has seen a part of Tabitha’s future where she fights the immortality seekers and there is a lot of fire.
• Overall with Tabitha’s family: They should seem to mock her slightly; not overtly abusive but they don’t understand her work ethic, or how she shuts herself away from the family because they do make fun of her.
• Tabitha begins to train with Weisz more, drawing on his knowledge and materials to learn more magic. She also begins to trust him more.
• Though Tabitha has so far been honest about doing magic, her father and step-brother hold her down and read aloud her journal, the whole family becoming incredibly angry when they think she’s converted to some kind of religion, but Tabitha tosses Reiss off of her with her magic, and summons her journal back to her, trying to get out of the house when she sees her father’s rage. She makes it down stairs, but he pulls her back, screaming at her. And eventually hits her, Tabitha curls into a ball, and begins to cry, when Weisz is there, and he takes her back to his loft where she is allowed to stay.
o Her father tries to be remorseful about hurting her, but Weisz takes her away before she can hear much of it.
• Tabitha lives and trains with Weisz for some time, telling only Brian about what has happened. He comforts her and lets her know that she can come to stay with him and his family at any time.
• Then one night during winter vacation Tabitha is awakened feeling like she is being watched like she is whenever the immortals are after her. She sees Kale Temple in her room, and he tells her to get dressed and that she will be leaving with him.
• Tabitha leaves with him, after he forces her to put on the coat, where she has been hiding the book, and he snatches off the watch necklace that previously belonged to Elba and had been protecting Tabitha insofar.
• He takes her to where the immortals are based, and there discovers the head of the immortals, Luca DiAmbrosio. Tabitha is startled because DiAmbrosio is Brian’s last name, and as it happens, Brian is Luca’s descendant, and Luca has complete control over his mind.
• They forced Tabitha to present them with the book, where she must unlock it for any other magician to be able to read. Kale tells her to make it easy on herself and do as she’s told, not fighting Luca’s will, but Tabitha takes back the locket necklace from him, and so she feels not so compulsed to do as she’s told. Instead of revealing its secrets, Tabitha sets the book on fire.
• Luca becomes angry, but claims only that Tabitha has simply set them back, and doomed her usefulness. He demands that Brian shoot her, but Tabitha works against his mind control, and eventually breaks the spell with a kiss, and all of her strength. Instead, Brian shoots Luca right through the head, making him crumple to dust, and Tabitha uses her own prowess to send the other magicians into retreat, Kale promises her that it’s not over.
• Weisz, Klaus and a few others arrive to find out what Tabitha has done and disown her as a magician, saying that she has done something grave and stupid. They abandon her and Brian there. Brian asks if Tabitha did do the right thing. Tabitha replies that she did.
• It’s revealed that Tabitha had been working up a new book for the great magicians ever since her first encounter with Weisz, and that she had transferred all of the magic over to it, keeping the rituals safe and bound on paper.
• The epilogue occurs on a visit to DC in the spring, where Tabitha is apartment hunting with her step-sister and Brian, because she’ll be enrolling as a full time sophomore at a university there, when she sees a woman dressed sitting at a table under a tree having a cup of tea. Tabitha thinks to join her and finds out that this woman is death and she intends to see a lot more of Tabitha, because Tabitha’s trial is not over quite yet.
• Overall: Tabitha is much more wary of all magicians, which is partially due to Elba’s continual warnings in the books she sent Tabitha.
o She and Brian grow much closer, much more quickly, though Brian respects her boundaries and the fact that she cannot really form a healthy relationship. This is why the first time she kisses him is during the climax
o Tabitha is as much of a hard worker as she was before. The school is still understanding and does not have a giant mood swing (Mr. White is still evil though?). They are actually working with her on an early graduate and dual enrollment program. As a result, Tabitha is actually enrolled in a few more courses at the local university.
o The town is a little bigger?
o Need to insert more villain scenes. 

Character list:
Tabitha Walls: Heroine
Brian DiAmbrosio: Love interest, and troubled teen—also related to the villain
Elba Mullins: the former Great Magician—at the time of this Novel, deceased
Henry Weisz: Ebla’s closest friend and confidant—becomes something of a mentor to Tabitha
Nikolaus (Klaus) Flammen: German magician who was experimenting with potions and spells together and made himself immortal. Was also a close friend and mentor to Elba.
Kale Temple: American born magician, also one of the head honchos for their society. He’s very smooth with Tabitha, and almost seems like he cares about her.
Luca DiAmbrosio: The leader of the Immortal Society—Brian’s great-great-(so on, so forth)-grandfather
Mitch Walls: Tabitha’s father—a work-a-holic and a miser, does not understand his daughter’s pursuits so much
Carol Walls: Tabitha’s stepmother—a nurse. She finds Tabitha odd compared to her own children.
Chelsea Thatcher: Tabitha’s older step-sister—used to be mean to Tabitha, but mellowed out since they started attending University together. She is either twenty or twenty-one at the time of the novel.
Reiss Thatcher: Tabitha’s older step-brother—is still a jerk to Tabitha and often complains about how she’s in more advanced classes than he is and how it makes him look bad. Is about seventeen or eighteen. Also possible does some drugs here and there.
Melissa (Missy) Walls: Tabitha’s younger sister—likes Reiss and tends to take after him more. She is nine at the time of the novel.
Michael (Mikey) Walls: Tabitha’s younger half-brother—adores his older sister who reads to him and pays attention to him, and defends him from Missy. Is shown to have some prophetic ability. He is about five years old during the novel.
Mr. White: Tabitha’s assistant principal. Turns out to be working for the Immortal Society.
Mr. and Mrs. DiAmbrosio: Brian’s parents; both are government agents and may or may not be evil.

Magician’s Apprentice

• Prologue takes place in a dark graveyard as a heart begins to beat and Elba Mullins blasts her way out of her grave.
• Tabitha is walking alone in DC when she is attacked by some Immortals looking for information. She fights them off with a man named Terrence Walls, who turns out to be her uncle who her father never told her about.
• Elba makes her way to Klaus’ home who is shocked to see her, but invites her in. Weisz is present and both of them say that they have much they need to tell Elba. They are attacked soon after by Immortals, and flee to the US.
• Tabitha takes her uncle back to her apartment that she shares with Brian and allows him to crash on her couch. She and Brian go to class and find that when they return, Terrence has cooked them dinner. Tabitha talks with her uncle about how they never met because of her father’s prejudice towards magic.
• When suddenly, Elba, Weisz and Klaus arrive, alerting Tabitha by disrupting her wards.
• Tabitha is shocked to see Elba alive, and both of them are shocked to note their similarities. Weisz and Klaus accuse Tabitha of practically giving the immortals more power, which they assume are the reasons for these new attacks. Tabitha says that they are not, and Terrence tells them to give her a chance. Tabitha takes Elba into a crawl space that they have and shows her the new book that she made over a year ago, before she burnt the old one as a decoy.
• She and Elba explain that the immortals have probably come to the conclusion that the old rituals are not up for grabs and that they must go after Tabitha again.
• It also comes up that they cannot have two Great Magicians at once, and Tabitha points out that she has not, technically been a Great Magician, that all of them must pass a kind of test, which is unique for all of them. (Elba’s test involved the French revolution.) This is disconcerting, because it either means that they’ve been without a great magician for over a year, or that there is now two of them.
• It comes out in introductions that Tabitha is adopted (It makes since that Tabitha’s uncle is also a magician, because there is usually at least one for every generation that shows strong magic, except he isn’t her biological uncle).
• Terrence and Tabitha go to visit Mitch, who is doing a lot better since he and Tabitha last saw each other. Mitch gives Tabitha her adoption records and explains that someone found her outside of a hospital when she was only a few days old. He also says that he is most definitely not her father, but he thinks that her mother might have actually been her mother, on account that they looked so much alike. Tabitha then finds two startling things: her mother’s name (previously assumed to be Marcy) is actually spelled as Marseilles and her maiden name was Miller, which in French is Mullins. The other clue is a picture of her mother which looks exactly like Elba.
• They return to DC with this information, and Tabitha confronts Elba with this information. Obviously, Tabitha is too young to be Elba’s daughter, but she thinks that she might be Elba’s granddaughter. Elba confesses that there was a time during the twenties where she forgot a year of her life, and has no idea what happened then, so it is entirely possible, that she had a child, probably a son, if her descendant retained her surname.

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